Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The pressure of Life after graduation

            -I am graduting this year and found an internship for this summer.
            -I graduted and looking for a job.
            -I'm sending resumes to get a job.
           -I need to find a job before I graduate.

These are all thoughts of students who are about to graduate or graduated. My questions for them are:
Is a job really the absolute next step for graduating students? Is securing a job right after graduation a must for all students?

I have thought this through and me and my friend Maxim have had several discussions on the pressure that is put on us as recent graduates or graduating students. It seems that our life is composed of defined steps and instructions that we should all follow. I think that every student deserves a break after graduation to think about what he/she really wants to do with the degree earned, every student should have a time after graduation that I want to call "transition time" to think about the future and what he/she wants to accomplish in life and the goals to be reached. Securing a job and an income are certainly goals  but they shouldn't be the only and immediate goals.

Last rhetorical question: If I want to own my own business, is really securing a job today my next step?
Comments needed!

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